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brent is a visionary marketing strategist and accomplished entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and driving business growth. With his extensive agency and startup expertise, brent is a significant contributor to companies looking for new perspectives on their digital marketing efforts, and process alignment.

With a career spanning over two decades, brent has become an internationally sought-after speaker, blending humour and unique connectivity with his audiences to simplify complex concepts and communicate them in a relatable and actionable manner. brent regularly acts as a speaker coach for executives looking to improve their “stage-skills” and overall presentation approach.

With his unique blend of creativity, analytical thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit, brent continues to profoundly impact those he collaborates with. His relentless drive to push boundaries and commitment to delivering outstanding results have positioned him as a trusted advisor and partner for businesses seeking to stand out in their markets.

(his refusal to CAPITALIZE his name is intentional)

What do
you do?

I specialize in the magnificent mix of marketing strategy, process alignment, speaker and executive training.

I tackle boring marketing, chaotic workflows,  and tongue-tied speakers. I work to transform your marketing into captivating content, align your processes faster than you can say “efficiency boost”, and turn even the shyest introverts into dynamic orators who can charm an audience with a single witty quip. If you’re a C-Suite professional that needs the right coach to elevate your game, I’m here.

So, in a nutshell, I’m not your average Fractional CMO…

It always starts with an idea

Inside all aspects of creativity, there exists a notion that resonates deeply: there are no bad ideas.

Within this liberating belief lies the understanding that every idea, no matter how unconventional or seemingly flawed, possesses a glimmer of potential.

It is through this lens that I nurture an environment where ideas, both extraordinary and humble, can intertwine, evolve, and flourish, ultimately paving the way for remarkable achievements that defy my client’s wildest expectations.

Then we
(you guessed it)

Brainstorming is not just a mere exercise in creativity; it is a vital and provocative catalyst that propels progress and ignites innovation.

In a world brimming with complex challenges, stagnant ideas simply won’t cut it.

We need the audacity to challenge conventions, the courage to venture into uncharted territories, and the tenacity to disrupt the status quo. Brainstorming offers the fertile ground where the seeds of groundbreaking concepts can sprout and flourish. It fuels a rebellious spirit that defies the limitations of traditional thinking, while always pushing boundaries.

We roll out with a plan

With all creative endeavors, there exists a cautionary tale that speaks to the dire consequences of neglecting a production schedule.

This tragic tale always unfolds with dreams of grandeur and artistic brilliance, but is soon overshadowed by an unruly lack of organization. Without the guidance of a well-planned schedule, any promising endeavour will fall victim to procrastination, missed deadlines, and a disheartening lack of direction. 

The cautionary tale urges us to heed its lesson, reminding us that a production schedule is not a mere formality but a lifeline that guides us toward success.

We don’t work without a net.

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